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Her boobs are FAKE. Jessica had a boob job when she was 21 to go up one cup size. Jessica had a.

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If you ever experience the touch of a boob, you can differ between a real boob and fake boob as a real one is quite soft and can be squeezed easily, whereas the.

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There may also be prominent contouring and rippling around the edges of the implant. The breasts will look much closer to the 'end result' than.

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Definitely fake boobs. Fake boobs have a nice feel, and they don't sag if they're taken care of or fixed later. They also are perkier, and.

“ implants feel like firm/full natural tits. the biggest and most noticeable difference is that fake tits don't bounce like real ones when you are. But in its natural state, the profile of a real one will slope down so it's fuller at the bottom than the top. If an unfettered breast maintains its full, perky.

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