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We used to assume that male snakes were in charge and females were largely passive, but that has proved to be spectacularly wrong.

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Male snakes have a pair of tube-shaped hemipenes (sex organs) that normally sit inside their bodies. They are basically two small penises that.

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Snake sex involves mating balls, battles similar to arm-wrestling and, sometimes, asexual reproduction.

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To mate, snakes need only to align the base of their tails at the cloaca, an opening serving both reproductive and excretory systems. The male.

For our native garter snake population, mating is quite the sight and smell. Garter snakes, which are non-venomous, communicate through. The VNO of male garter snakes is critically important for detection of, and response to, female sex pheromones. In the present study, under voltage-clamp.

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